Source Code:  chart1b  Axis  Canvas  Debug  Line  Plot 
Built with: Processing
Runs on: ProcessingJS

This was an experiment to see how long it would take to create a working line graph that parses data from an external source. I wrote out the pseudo code, and went through building this step by step. At the outset I had no idea how to build a complete graph or how long it might take, but by focusing on simple tasks like building the axis, rendering a plot point without data, then rendering a plot point with data, I eventually had a working graph in about 6-8 days of work. This was a great example of how starting with simple pseudo code, and working through each problem can get the job done.

Since this runs in a JS wrapper, the code for loading custom fonts is not supported and there are some unresolved issues with the decimal points. In the java applet version these are rounded off, yet they are not within the JS wrapper.

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